“premium” tasting

1-5 spirits

finger food or food menu

The OUT OF THE BOX was created to satisfy more demanding tastes.

It includes testing of 1-5 labels,

finger food that matches these bottles

or a specially designed menu that has been created

to highlight the flavors and aromas of the selected labels.

It also includes finding and renting appropriate space if required. The choice of labels or their supply if something specific is asked, is done by THE TASTERS CLUB.

The OUT OF THE BOX is addressed to:

COMPANIES and ADVERTISING COMPANIES that are interested to make a corporate presentation, a professional dinner, a professional appointment, a product presentation, something special and memorable.

HOTELS and LUXURY TOUR OPERATORS who are interested in adding to their services for groups or their individual customers the experience of a tasting.

CONFERENCE ORGANIZATION COMPANIES interested in a special closing event.

PEOPLE who are interested in trying a rare distillate or want to organize a private social event.

ANYONE interested in siding with a tasting a seasonal or thematic party (eg New Year, Halloween, Anniversary, Graduation, Bachelor / Bachelorette, Halloween).

If you are interest or you need any additional information regarding this package, you can send us an email at, with a subject OUT OF THE BOX and we will contact you to inform you about all the relevant things.