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The Tasters Club has the ability to organize targeted tasting events and promotions for products of beverage or food companies. It undertakes both the organization of events and presentations, as well as their promotion through The Likker blog.

The Tasters Club’s goal is to offer premium services and at the same time provide the best possible product promotion to both the wide and targeted audiences. The combination of the experience of  The Tasters Club team from advertising, food and drink makes us a reliable partner and perhaps the only “Spirit Agency” in Greece. We can meet the needs of a promotion from A to Z.

The Tasters Club can offer:

  1. Organization of the event (tasting expert, staff, glasses, placemats, tasting notes booklet)
  2. Design of the event’s visuals (communication materials, newsletter, social media)
  3. Professional photography.
  4. Possibility of placing roll up banners at the event venue.
  5. Possibility of distributing promotional material to the attendees.
  6. Presentation of the event and the products with photos and reference to a corresponding article, through The Tasters Club site and The Likker blog.
  7. Presentation of photos of the event and the products in the social media of The Tasters Club and The Likker.

For any additional information, you can contact us, using the email We will be happy to inform you about all the relevant things.