The Tasters Club is a team that organizes tasting events for lovers of good spirits, but also for those who are interested in taking the next step in their tasting, exploring new flavors and bottles.

From the fruit to the glass, every distillate is a journey of loyalty and passion and a delicate balance of art and science. At The Tasters Club we want to explore the path of each distillate in ways that combine knowledge with fun.

The transfer of knowledge has proven to be perhaps the best way to learn the secrets of a distillate. Under the guidance of a connoisseur, we believe that this is the most appropriate way to achieve this goal. The Tasters Club wants to be the place where those of us who have either started traveling in the past, or those who would like to start with a tasteful search, will meet.

In addition to the various tasting events that we organize for our members or whoever else is interested, we have the possibility to organize private events, whether if you want to try something special or to live the experience of a private tasting with guests.

The Tasters Club also has the ability to organize promotional events for drinks or related products, whether it is a tasting, a workshop or just a happening. The Tasters Club offers premium services, and at the same time the best possible product promotion to a targeted audience, both through the communication with its members and the The Likker blog.

We believe in tasting new flavors and what we can learn about them. The best way to do this is to bring with us other spirits and other like-minded ones, lovers of libation, flavor and aromas.

It is about expanding the gustatory horizon and the quality, not the quantity.


Yiannis Milionis



Co-Founder / Creative Director


Whisky Expert


Event Coordinator