Tasting Day #18 – The Madeira Adventure

24 Feb

Tasting Day #18 – The Madeira Adventure

The Tasters Club presents Yiannis Karakasis MW

The Island of Madeira was discovered in 1419 by Tristão Vaz Teixeira and João Gonçalves Zarco, two Portuguese explorers, led by a fierce storm. It was named “Madeira” (“wood” in English) due to the abundance of this raw material. It is the central island in the homonymous archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean, belongs to Portugal, but it is an Autonomous Region since 1976. From the beginning of its colonization, in 1425, wheat and cane began to grow, which along with the production of sugar, placed the island on the main European trade routes until the 17th century. Somewhere there begins the history of wine, which will become the most important product for the economy of the island. Especially after the annexation from the British Empire (1807-1814), the reputation of Madeira (Madeira) as a luxurious drink was spread around the world.

This is the wine category we chose for the Tasting Day # 18, the first wine tasting of The Tasters Club. A journey and an adventure to the wonderful world of Fortified Wines, through six very special bottles that will take us back to 1977! “Pilot” in this first flight, Master of Wine Yannis Karakasis, one of only 369 Masters of Wine in the world who edited the line up and the combination of flavors along with Electra Metropolis Executive Chef Hotel Theodosis Veneti.

A few wines in the world are compared to an excellent bottle of aged Madeira and even less will last as Madeira can. Indeed, some very old “diamonds” are among the most legendary and sought-after wines in the world. But for many, this category involves a lot of confusion, especially about production methods and how it can be combined nicely. Tasting Day # 18 with Yannis Karakasis MW presented history, styles, varieties as well as differences in the process of ripening this shocking wine. At the same time, these splendid wines were accompanied by a series of dishes that have shown their versatility in tasteful flavors.

We tasted
1st flight

1. Sercial H.M. Βorges σοδειάς 1990 20% abv
Frasquerawith at least 20 years of aging – not available in Greece

2. Barbeito Rainwater Reserva 19% abv
A very distinctive medium dry style, lighter than Verdelho, with two very interesting theories about Rainwater – not available in Greece

3. Verdelho Henriques & Henriques 10 years old 20% abv

combined with:

Hazelnuts / Almonds / Green olives

Goat’s Greek cheese with grape ash
Mushroom soup
Slices of marinated tuna
Smoked salmon with horseradish cream
Chicken with Indian curry

2nd flight

4. Boal H.M. Borges σοδειάς 1977 20% abv

Frasquera with at least twenty years of aging – not available in Greece

5. Malmsey Blandy’s 2008 19% abv
Colheita –not available in Greece

6. Malmsey Blandy’s 1999 19% abv

combined with:

Graviera “San Michael”
Roquefort with caramel nut
Risotto with cheeks of beef and spicy
Lamb’s neck with Florina pepper and pickle radish
Brownies with chocolate

The tasting took place on Monday 30 October 2017 at  ELECTRA METROPOLIS HOTEL.

The wine tasting was conducted by Master of Wine Γιάννης Καρακάσης.

The event took place under the auspices of the Portuguese Embassy in Greece and honored us with the presence of the Honorable Portuguese Ambassador Rui Manuppella Tereno.

photos by AlexxDecode

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