Tasting Day #19 – The Highlander’s Journey

13 Nov

Tasting Day #19 – The Highlander’s Journey

Even those who are not familiar with whisky or lovers of Highlands whisky, they definitely have heard the Scottish Highlands. Apart from  its rich history, countless references to literary works, songs and paintings, it is Scotland’s largest area and production whisky.

For many years there has been a tendency to characterize the flavor profile of malt whiskies based on the geographical area of ​​origin. Something similar to the terroir in wine. This is already outdated. While it is customary to define some general features of the regions, the geographic identification is rather the result of old regulations and tax differences as well as marketing of previous decades. What they all recognize is that the style, character and taste of any malt whisky is determined by two basic principles. The way of production and the way of aging.

At Tasting Day #19 we explored the similarities and the differences from 4 Highlands distilleries, with a considerable distance between them. An imaginary journey of a Highlander, from north to south and up to the Atlantic coast.

We tasted

1. The MacPhail’s Collection – Highland
From Pulteney Distillery 11 years old
by Gordon & MacPhail
Distilled 2005 – Bottled 2016

2. Glenmorangie Extremely Rare 18 years old 43%

3. Blair Athol Distillery Only 48%
Bottled 2016
1 of 3000 bottles

4. Oban Distiller’s Εdition 15 years old 43%
Distilled 2001 – Bottled 2016

After the tasting, we enjoyed our well-established fingerfood as well as the beautiful conversations we always have, accompanied by two Oban Little Bay bottles.

An offer from Diageo Hellas at The Tasters Club, along with Oban Distiller’s Edition 2001, which we are very grateful for.

The tasting took place on Monday 13 November 2017 at AVALON.

The tasting was conducted by the Whiskey Expert Petros Charizopoulos.

photos by AlexxDecode

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