Tasting Day #15 – Craft Beer & Food Pairing

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17 Jul

Tasting Day #15 – Craft Beer & Food Pairing

The Tasters Club goes beer!

As you know, the production process for  whisky is the same until a point, as that of a beer. One more reason to love beer equally. At Tasting Day #15 we tested 4 special craft beers, accompanied by selected flavors. We participated in a process of interaction between food and beer, since many qualities of the accompanying dishes match or create a pleasant contrast to the flavor characteristics of those labels.

We tried:

1st dish

Apassionada (Fruit Sour Ale) 4% vol
Cheese Platter (Camembert, Arseniko cheese of Naxos, White Cheddar), with smoked paprika croutons and Parmesan cheese and tomato jam.

2nd dish
Zodiak (IPA) 6,2% vol
Mini burger with chicken fillet, marinated in orange and garlic, citrus mayonnaise and seasonal vegetables.

3rd dish
Something Something Dark Side (Imperial Black India Stout)
9,2% vol
Sirloin Steak (medium rare) with bordelaise sauce and handmade sweet potato puree.

4th dish
Noa Pecan Mud Cake (Confectionery Imperial Stout) 11% vol
Dark chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce.

Apassionada is produced by the Edge Brewing Brewery, which was founded in Barcelona in 2013 by two Americans. By combining American brewing equipment, the best materials available and years of experience, they make a genuine American craft beer in Europe.

Zodiak and Noa are produced by the Omnipollo Brewery, an award-winning beer company, founded in 2011 by Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin. They create their recipes in their home country of Sweden but travel to various breweries around the world to produce their beers as they are Gypsy (Nomadic) Brewers. Their ambition is to change our perception of beer … Forever …

Something Something Dark Side is the creation of  Weird Beard Brewing Co. They appeared at the beer scene in London in early 2013 and with their eccentric style they immediately made their beers famous and loved. Non-conventional and experimental brewing, with a wide variety of flavors, especially in seasonal and one-off beers, which allow them to advance their creative limits.

The tasting took place on Monday July 17 2017 at THE LAZY BULLDOG PUB.

Beer Sommelier Dimitris Ladopoulos directed the tasting.

photos by AlexxDecode

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