Tasting Day #14 – The Four Roses Journey

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26 Apr

Tasting Day #14 – The Four Roses Journey

The Tasters Club, in partnership with Pernod Ricard Hellas, organized the official presentation of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon in Greece. As a result of this presentation, we dedicated Tasting Day #14 to the historic Four Roses distillery. One of the most famous bourbon names in the world.

The name Four Roses was established in 1888 and the distillery is located in Louisville, Kentucky. The special and unique feature of the distillery is that it uses two different blends of cereals (mashbills) and five varieties of yeast, allowing it to have ten different recipes for its whiskey, depending on the combination of mashbills and yeast. The Small Batch in particular is made of 4 of these recipes. Together we will try the rest of the distillery’s expressions.

We tasted:

1. Four Roses Yellow Label

2. Four Roses Small Batch

3. Four Roses Single Barrel

4. Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch 2016

The Small Batch is considered a “hand-made” bourbon, because it is produced in a manual bottling line. Labeling is also done manually. Also, only 17 barrels are selected to produce each “small batch”. The Single Barrel, which is also considered a “hand-made” bourbon, uses only one of the recipes and as we clearly understand from its name comes from one barrel. The Yellow Label uses all the recipes of the distillery, with an average maturity of 6.5 years. The Limited Edition Small Batch is the annual collectible expression of the distillery, derived from selected barrels and is of course barrel strength.

At the end we tried the legendary Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail with Small Batch. The Old Fashioned was named so in the 1880s, so what’s more fitting than a Four Roses bourbon to create it. Especially with a Small Batch that gives us a sweet “symphony” of rich and spicy flavors, along with a sweet, fruity aroma and notes of sweet oak and caramel.

The tasting took place on Wednesday April 26 2017 at THE SOWL.

photos by AlexxDecode

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